Indulge in our Bird's Nest Jelly infused with Japanese Muscat grapes that go hand in hand to deliver the ultimate luxurious experience. This jelly brings you an aromatic smell followed by a soft, sweet, and floral taste.

With Singapore's first Bird's Nest Collagen Jelly by ZHEN®, indulge in the perfect blend of natural ingredients to satisfy the palate while boosting your overall wellness and beauty! 

As immunity is a priority for everyone nowadays, why not make supporting it easy and delicious? These portable, lightweight bowls are filled with Bird's Nest to strengthen your immune system, along with our clinically proven Collagen for healthy skin. Formulated from the best sources trusted by European & American markets, it contains hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides with optimal molecular weight, allowing the human body to absorb it rapidly at 1.5x faster than other collagen products. 

Look and feel your absolute best with ZHEN® Bird's Nest Collagen Jelly, as including it in your daily routine could be helpful for your skin physiology in just four weeks. Results in clinical trials include: