Introduction of CEO

Shaw Funami was born in Tokyo, works in San Francisco, traveled all over the world for electronics business. Spun off (Dumped?) from previous employer and formed his own company making use of his expertise in International Consulting and Internet Marketing. His business belief is "Fill Missing Link". As entrepreneurs carry business, they always have missing piece of puzzle. They can improve their business by keep filling their missing link.

ShawFunami Shaw Funami
President & CEO
zhen international, *zi*

Welcome to "zhen international, inc" *zi*

*zi* helps you to work in the international community as network inevitably bring your business to the world.

Marketing Expertise includes:
- Building Multilingual Websites
- Web-based Business Promotion
- Internet Marketing
- International Collaboration
- Offshore Outsourcing

20+ Years in International Business Expert with experience of 10 years living in US, TOEIC score 890 points, and English Debate master grade achievement will reform your business *International*.

Business Expertise Based on Experience


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Watch our new video which is live now in our video blog. The video gives you an idea what comes after Facebook and Twitter which were categorized as AKA "Web 2.0". It will give you an idea to "Walk Ahead" of present internet trend.

Video series teach you:
- What will come after Facebook and Twitter?
- Analysis on Facts and Trend of Internet-base Business
- How to benefit your customer to promote your own business
- How you can access and enjoy the great saving of $2,500.
- How you can make use of the saving for your business. Later in this video series, we will show you how to acquire the great saving potentially worth $2,500.

The videos are live now. You can register in the registration form in our newly built Video site. Click the image and jump to the video site. Links are as follows:
- "Walk Ahead of Web 2.0":
- "Name of the Game":
- "Let's Talk about Saving":

Internet Marketing

InternetMarketingOnce you familialize yourself to the marketing process, Internet Marketing is not complicated or troublesome. It is simpler than legacy marketing method. It is also cost-effective in promoting your producets, services, or business. It consists of Niche Marketing, Blog Marketing, Article Marketing, Promotion, News Letter Distribution, or PPC.

*zi* will help you walk through all the processes from A to Z, from selection of advertisement sites, to where and how to advertise in order to properly target your audience.

Web-based Business

*zi* Expertise is not limited just to Website Creation. We will help you for building your brandname, presence, SEO, LEO, promotion, traffic for your web-based business.

  1. Creation of your own Webpage is just the beginning, not the end of the story. Web-based business requires to establish your brandname and to promote it. *zi* will help you to establish solid foundation of your brandname.
  2. Business promotion includes, but not be limited to, SEO, LPO, Traffic Creation, Brandname Promotion, Advertisement, PPC, Automatic Sales Page Formation, Video Promotion and Marketing, or Keyword Selection & Optimization. *zi* will guide you through to your Web-based Business Success.