Strawberry Bird's Nest Collagen Jelly

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Imagine Strawberries that are in season and peaked ripeness. Fruity and sweet as it melts in your mouth. Indulge yourself with a bite of ZHEN® Strawberry Bird's Nest Collagen Jelly and expect a mouthwatering experience!

  • Firming; improves skin elasticity and firmness by 6-12%
  • Moisturizing; increasing skin hydration by 6-12%
  • Brightening; reduction of black spots on face by 92% testers
  • Recovering; 83% of testers indicate it can help skin recovery
  • Controls oil secretion of the skin by 11-16%
  • Increase in the collagen content of the cheek and eye area by 6-12%; reduction of depth and number of eye wrinkles


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