Peach Bird's Nest Collagen Jelly

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Love the delicate yet juicy flavor of peaches? Well, you can indeed bake a    cobbler with the fruit or even slice it up to make condiments out of it. But, one of the best ways to unleash this fruit's flavor is by mixing it up in our Bird's Nest Collagen Jelly!

  • Firming; improves skin elasticity and firmness by 6-12%
  • Moisturizing; increasing skin hydration by 6-12%
  • Brightening; reduction of black spots on face by 92% testers
  • Recovering; 83% of testers indicate it can help skin recovery
  • Controls oil secretion of the skin by 11-16%
  • Increase in the collagen content of the cheek and eye area by 6-12%; reduction of depth and number of eye wrinkles


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