Purveyor of Bird's Nest since 1986


Directly translated from Chinese, Zhen (珍) means precious treasure. Zhen specializes in Bird's Nest and has remained faithful to providing customers with ethically farmed and 100% pure natural Bird's Nest. 

Family-run, independent, and produced locally, the company is committed to maintaining its manufacturing operations in Singapore while harvesting from its very own plethora of houses and caves in Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

At ZHEN, our factory manufactures Bird's Nest Bottles employing Europe's most advanced automated machinery in our production line. Accredited with HACCP, HALAL, and ISO, we implement strict monitoring and quality control systems to ensure products are delivered to our discerning clientele at their finest. 

Since our inception in early 2021, our Bird's Nest products have been featured by many individuals, celebrities, and media articles from renowned publishers such as Prestige, ICON, CNA, Lifestyle Asia, A Mag, and PIN.


Brilliance: Being clear and knowledgeable about what we do and how we do it in our field of expertise.

Integrity: Ethicality, morality, and sincerity are our forefront principles.

Relationships: Forging new bonds & cultivating existing bonds are critical to a strong foundation.

Dedication: Believing that every effort counts and contributes to future success.

Safety: We ensure that the best practices of food & workplace safety are always in place.

Nimble: Being the first and always on our feet to address issues and produce solutions.

Enjoyment: Creating a conducive environment for work & fun.

Sustainability: A little goes a long way. We believe in small or big changes that can create a better today and tomorrow.

Transparency: We value transparency as the key to open communication between our employees and customers that builds trust & loyalty.