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The tradition of consuming bird's nest dates more than a thousand years, all the way to the Tang dynasty (618-907 AD). It was a delicacy famed for its exquisite flavor and nutritional properties, reserved only for the aristocracy.

Produced in Southeast Asia, Bird's nest is intricately constructed by swiftlets over approximately 35 days. Composing of interwoven strands of salivary laminae cement, these precious nests are high in protein and minerals and take the shape of a shallow cup stuck to caves or rafters of houses.

A prized delicacy, Bird's Nest, presents abundant health benefits to its consumer. It contains plenty of natural nutrients and minerals easily absorbed by the body. Most significantly, it possesses epidermal growth factors, amino acids, and sialic acid. These make Bird's Nest an ideal all-natural supplement, boosting the immune system, nourishing the respiratory system, and stimulating cell division to enable tissue regeneration, improving the skin's complexion and radiance.

At ZHEN, we have 100% control of production, from nurturing the swiftlets and harvesting the nests, to processing and manufacturing each bottle of nature's gift. Working with our world-renown parent company founded in 1986, our nests are from our very own plethora of houses and caves in Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Ethically farmed organic bird's nest of the highest quality, free of chemicals, preservatives, artificial flavorings, additives, and stabilizers, is our promise to you.


Our farms span across Asia's Southeastern region and are concentrated in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. The Bird's Nest Houses are strategically located near pristine rain forests and away from polluted areas, providing ample food supply for its residents in its natural surroundings. As swiftlets are very particular to their environment, the farmhouses are also equipped with round the clock monitoring facilities that ensure an ideal controlled habitat allowing for a sustainable way of cultivating abandoned nests.


This is an industry fraught with unethical business practices. Many adulterate and chemically bleach Bird's Nest to speed up the cleaning process and achieve a fuller appearance. Not only do these practices adversely affect quality, but they also present a health risk to consumers.

With stringent control and a skilled workforce numbering over in thousands, our processing facilities in Indonesia and Singapore adhere strictly to a 100% natural hand-pick approach, a traditional, manual-intensive, and costly process, but the perfect methodology for this exquisite gift of nature.


ISO, HACCP and HALAL certified, our factory in Singapore manufactures the Bird's Nest Bottles employing Europe's most advanced automated machinery in our production line. We implement strict monitoring and quality control systems to ensure that products are delivered to our discerning clientele at its finest.

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