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What comes to mind when you think of Bird's Nest? A dessert when you're dining at a fancy restaurant? A luxurious gift for your loved ones on special occasions? A superior tonic for expectant mothers or postpartum care? 

However you see it, you're probably wondering if Bird's Nest truly offers multiple health benefits that your circle of friends or professionals may mention. Today, we will determine the benefits of Bird's Nest from different aspects, research, and studies. 

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A Superfood in Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM)

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Bird's Nest has been an effective health tonic used to treat several ailments, diseases, and convalesce for many centuries in TCM history. 

It is best known as a superfood in TCM because it aids in respiratory health, promotes libido, improves skin complexion, and increases longevity with anti-aging and anti-cancer properties. Too good to be true? These TCM claims are not baseless as some of the said properties are researched presently in the world's labs.

Tighter, Whiter Skin & Fewer Wrinkles

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Royalties of the ancient Chinese Dynasty were known for consuming Bird's Nests soup to maintain their beauty, youth & vigor. They are certainly correct with the diet as some of these beauty properties have been proven with several research findings that have further revealed how the nutrients in Bird's Nests stimulate healthy skin growth and appearance. 

Bird's Nest contains Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), a protein that supports anti-aging by developing and accelerating cell growth. EGF is a commonly used ingredient in the skincare industry as it boosts collagen production in the skin, preventing and treating premature skin aging and keeping you young-looking. A study also suggested that EGF can be used to treat or prevent post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Another study done earlier in 2022 has observed that women who ingest Bird's Nest over 12 weeks showed a significant decrease in wrinkles 

Stronger Bones & Teeth

Bird's Nest is an excellent source of calcium for developing and maintaining strong, healthy bones and teeth. Supplementing calcium reduces the risk of osteoporosis, prominent during pregnancy, and bone fractures later in life.

An animal study that involves supplementing Bird's Nest daily through oral ingestion indicates increased bone strength and skin thickness.

Accelerate Cornea Healing

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Dry & Itchy eyes after staring into the computer all day or after removing your contact lenses? You might be experiencing Corneal Abrasion, which can be caused by a scratch on the surface of your cornea, rubbing your eyes, or simply having dry eyes. 

Good news! Scientific studies show that Bird's Nest improves the healing of the damaged cornea. In addition, traditional beliefs also suggest that ingesting Bird's Nest can lead to better eyesight and eye health.

Improve Cognitive Ability and Brain Health 

Bird's Nest Improve Cognitive Ability and Brain Health Marchmeena29 - Getty Images

Sialic acid found in Bird's Nest or breast milk promotes the development of neural tissues and immune cells, improving immunity and encouraging intellectual development of the brain. A conclusion derived from  research suggests that consuming Bird's Nest may improve memory & cognitive learning in human infants.

Some brain diseases and strokes are related to cognitive impairment, possibly due to an infection in the brain. Bird's Nest has been trialed for its effectiveness, and the findings suggest a neuroprotective effect that may prevent brain diseases.

Prevent and Manage Type 2 Diabetes

Up to 95% of people diagnosed with diabetes are type 2, usually in adults and, in recent worrying trends, children & teens. Type 2 diabetes occurs when the human body does not use insulin effectively, resulting in abnormal blood sugar levels.

Amongst some of the most recent findings, Bird's Nest has shown promising results in combating Type 2 diabetes. Ingesting Bird's Nest offers elevated insulin levels that help regulate blood sugar levels deterring diabetes. Bird's Nest also protects against oxidative stress that may cause the progression of several diseases such as diabetes.

May prevent Acute Kidney Injury(AKI)

Bird's Nest has always been famous for its skin benefits, but not many are aware that one of the significant Bird's Nest benefits is that it may prevent kidney injury.

Acute kidney injury (AKI) is a sudden decline in the ability of your kidneys to work and perform their normal functions; in short, kidney failure. A recent study shows that supplementation of Bird's Nest could potentially prevent Acute tubular necrosis (ATN), a major cause of AKI.

Approximately 13.3 million people worldwide suffer from AKI yearly, with 10 to 15% succumbing to the injury.

A Better & Smoother Pregnancy

Bird's Nest A BETTER & SMOOTHER PREGNANCYmaybefalse - Getty Images

A must-have choice for pregnant women and mothers, experts recommend that pregnant ladies consume Bird's Nest during pregnancy and postpartum to enjoy its health benefits. 

Proven to be a rich source of nutrients for pregnant women and their unborn children (fetuses), women who consume Bird's Nest during pregnancy recover faster and better after childbirth

Pregnant women that consume Bird's Nests daily give birth to healthier babies with beautifully smooth skin and better cognitive abilities. Such women experience lesser or no hair loss, become stronger, and experience better sleep after delivery. The unborn child also benefits from the Bird's Nests the mother consumes. Refer to this for the full article on the Bird's Nest benefits for pregnant women. 

May Increase Pregnancy & Implantation Rates

Statistics have shown that fertility issues affect up to 15 percent of couples. The fertility rate depends on many lifestyle factors that can be controlled, such as food choices. 

Apart from a higher folate intake that leads to improved pregnancy rates based on scientific statistics, Bird's Nest may also have the potential. A specific study on the effectiveness of Bird's Nest oral treatment showed an increase in reproductive hormones, thus improving embryo implantation and increasing successful pregnancy rates.

Bird's Nest supports a Healthy Diet & Immune System

Bird's Nests contain essential nutrients that provide a balanced diet to the body that is beneficial to your overall health. It contains water, carbohydrate, calcium, sialic acid, iron, fat, epidermal growth factor, protein, and all the primary amino acids necessary for the body's day-to-day functionality.

Effective as a health tonic, regular consumption of Bird's Nest fortifies the entire immune system, enhances physical strength, especially in the weak and old, and improves children and adults' overall well-being. 

Consume only Genuine & High-Quality Bird's Nest to reap Benefits

The demand for Bird's Nest is constantly increasing as it is an ongoing trend for millennials to consume it for skin, health & pregnancy benefits. Due to a limited supply, unethical practices of fabricating Bird's Nest, adding substitutes, and even bleaching to fake the rarest red blood Bird's Nest runs rampant. 

In 2011, China placed a ban on all imports of Bird's Nest after discovering an excessive amount of sodium nitrate found in the Bird's Nest sold by a store in Zhejiang province. So if you are planning to consume Bird's Nest for its benefits and wondering how to source the best quality & authenticity, you may refer to our guide here 

ZHEN's Standard, Practices & Certifications for High-Quality Bird's Nest

At Zhen, we pride ourselves on delivering nothing but the best and most authentic Bird's Nest you can find in the market. Working with our world-renown parent company founded in 1986, our nests are from our very own plethora of houses and caves in Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. 

We have 100% control of production, from nurturing the swiftlets and harvesting the nests, to processing and manufacturing each bottle of nature's wonderful gift. Our promise to you is ethically farmed organic Bird's Nest of the highest quality, free of chemicals, preservatives, artificial flavorings, additives, and stabilizers.

To support our credibility, we are ISO, HACCP and HALAL certified. Our factory in Singapore manufactures the Bird's Nest Bottles employing Europe's most advanced automated machinery in our production line. We implement strict monitoring and quality control systems to ensure that products are delivered to our discerning clientele at their finest. To learn more about our Bird's Nests offering, visit our online store.

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