Benefits of Bird's Nest in TCM

Tradition Chinese Medicine Practitioner On Bird's Nest

Imagine being treated a bowl of bird's nest and being told by your mum and grandma that it is generally beneficial for your health. Without a thought, most of us would savor or gulp down the traditional delicacy to enjoy the sweetness of the rock sugar and eggy taste from the bird's nest, instead of pondering upon "why is bird's nest beneficial to me?" . Known as an oriental treasure and a rare and famous medicine, many have heard of Bird's Nest, but they don't necessarily understand the benefits of Bird's Nest. Since the Ming Dynasty, Bird's Nest has been claimed by physicians as a prominent food supplement for overall wellbeing in more than a dozen Traditional Chinese Medicine pharmacopeias. Let's take a look at some of these reasons why Bird's Nest is conducive to good health!

To nourish the lungs

Endorsed by medical prescriptions and medical books of the past dynasties, a classic effect of Bird's Nest is to nourish the lungs. Recorded in the "Materia Medica" records - "燕窝大养肺阴,化痰止嗽,补而能清,为调理虚损痨瘵之圣药,一切病之由于肺虚不能清肃下行者,用此皆可治之。" (Bird's Nest aids with the deficiency of lungs by providing relief and treatment of phlegm and cough. It has also proven to be a therapeutic cure for the management of all lung diseases.)

To nourish the stomach

Bird's Nest is a source of food with excellent calming properties. Author Cao Xueqin, who is proficient in medicine, wrote in the book "Dream of Red Mansions" that cultivating a habit of having Bird's Nice porridge for breakfast daily is more beneficial than any medication as it aids circulation while nourishing our body.

Liver protection

Nutrition therapy of patients with liver diseases includes supplying adequate protein, low-fat food and avoiding alcohol and spicy fried food. They are also required to control their appetite and prevent overeating to protect their liver, promoting liver cell repair, regeneration, and liver function recovery. Hence, high-protein, low-fat Bird's Nest is your ideal choice. 

Supplement for the heart

The diet of patients with heart diseases should be focused on reducing fat, limiting cholesterol, introducing an appropriate amount of protein and carbohydrates, and a proper amount of minerals and vitamins. During the Qing Dynasty, in 1758, it was written in the "Book of Medical Properties" that Bird's Nest can nourish the heart and invigorate blood. (《医林纂要·药性》记载: "燕窝咸能补心,活血。") As a high-quality protein without fat and cholesterol, Bird's Nest is also rich in minerals, thus suitable for people with heart disease.

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