Avenue one X ZHEN: High quality edible bird’s nest that doesn’t require double-boiling

Zhen first made news with its range of flavoured bird’s nest that makes edible bird’s nest more delicious.

zhen birds nest

Flavours include Chamomile (which has a calming effect), Chrysanthemum (which can neutralise inflammation), and Lavender (which has therapeutic benefits).

zhen birds nest collagen jelly

More recently, the brand launched a line of bird’s nest collagen jelly. The brand combines the health and wellness benefits of edible bird’s nest with their unique formula of collagen that is clinically proven to help improve skin’s health, and made them into bowls of jelly that are incredibly delicious.

Like its bottled bird’s nest drinks, the jellies come in tasty flavours such as Lychee, Honey, and Peach.

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